1 Step Bore Cleaner 1 oz.

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1 Step Bore Cleaner 1 oz.
  • 1 oz. 1 Step Cleaner/Lube with Needle Applicator
  • Next Generation of Cleaner and Barrel Maintenance is here!
    Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous Formula leaves barrels Totally CLEAN & PROTECTED in ONE EASY STEP! 
  • Removes Lead, Powder, Plastic, Copper (Jacketed), and Primer Fouling
  • Makes gun bores and actions easier to clean.
  • Lubricates and Protects: Rust inhibitors and special additives soak into the metal and provide a corrosion barrier for superior rust protection.
  • Synthetic Synergistic Blend: Super proprietary formula lessens fouling/residue buildup with repeated use.  

Product Usage:

  1. Saturate the bore or chamber area
  2. Let Penetrating Agents work and sit for 10-15 minutes. You can even let it set overnight.
  3. Run Brush through bore/chamber area to break fouling loose.
  4. Finish with a jag and dry patches. Clean all saturation and fouling out.