AHG Ballistic Chronograph


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Product Overview

Ballistic Chronograph
The device is designed to measure the speed and kinetic energy ammunition of air guns.

- range of mesurement : 6,1 – <=500 m/s
- current consumption: 100mA ( with LCD backlight)
- power supply: 2x AA alkaline battery or AC/DC converter ~230V/ 7-12V
- dimensions 135 x 67 x 87 mm
- weight 600 g

Measurement function:

- velocity V [m/s]
- kinetic energy E [J]
- average kinetic energy Esr [J]
- average velocity Vsr [m/s]
- minimum velocity Vmin [m/s]
- maximum velocity Vmax [m/s]
- absolute velocity dVsr=|Vmax-Vmin|
- standard deviation SV [m/s]
- velocity feet per second V[fps]
- rate of fire RoF (rate of fire)

Other function:

- setting weight of pellets 0.01 - 25.00g
- callibration
- memory 250 measurement of value
- transmision via RS232 or USB-COM cable to computer

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