Air Rifle Service

Elite Shooting Sports is currently not performing any service work. I will resume at a later date, and will update the website and post information on Facebook.

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Air Rifle Service

By Selecting a Service Window, you are reserving your slot to have your Rifle Serviced.  The Non-refundable deposit is credited toward your service, and is the only way to secure your slot.  Please note, prices vary based on make and model, and additional parts and labor may be required to complete the service.

Included with Deposit: 

Cleaning & Inspection

Seals & Installation

Testing and Adjusting Regulator

Testing and Adjusting Absorber/ Stabilizer (if applicable)

Setting Velocity and Testing for proper function of the system as a whole.

***Please note: Your Rifle/ Pistol must be delivered to Elite Shooting Sports ON or BEFORE the start date of the Service Window. Failure to do so will result in you Rifle/ Pistol going to the back of the line or Forfeiture of Deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable, so please select dates that will work for you, and ensure the carrier & shipping method will result in your Rifle/ Pistol arriving on-time.***

Once a Rifle or Pistol enters the shop it will receive a "Cleaning/ Inspection" to assess what work is required to return it to proper working order.  During this process, information such as: Average Velocity, Cleanliness and visibly broken or worn parts is gathered and logged.

Upon completion of the service, customers will receive an emailed Invoice for any additional Parts & Labor not covered by the Deposit and the return shipping charges.  The emailed Invoice will contain notes regarding the service, to include what was found during the Inspection and what what done to correct/ resolve the issue.

Final Invoice Payment:  Invoices will be emailed with a secure payment link allowing you to pay online using any major credit card.  Invoices must be paid in full prior to the products leaving the shop.

***Any Rifle/ Pistol found to be loaded when it arrives will be immediately assessed a $100.00 non-negotiable fee*** (this has happened too many times already)

Current Air Rifles Supported: 

Anschutz: 2002 Compressed Air, 8001, 8002 and 9003 (Series 1 and 2) & 9015 ANSCHUTZ Exploded Views

Feinwerkbau:  P70, 700 and 800(X) FEINWERKBAU Exploded Views

Walther: LG300(XT) and LG400 & LG400-E WALTHER Exploded Views

Current Air Pistols Supported:

Walther: LP300, LP400, LP500 and LP500-E

Current Smallbore Rifles Supported:

Walther KK300 and KK500

Anschutz 1900, 2000 and 54.30 

Packaging and Shipping Instructions