Anschutz 9015 ONE Stock

Anschutz 9015 ONE Stock

Posted by Joe Hein on Jan 25th 2016

The NEW Anschutz 9015 ONE and Precise are soon to hit the U.S. Market (Early February 2016) and Elite Shooting Sports is now taking orders at a low out the door price of $3399.00

The Anschutz 9015 features the new 4K trigger which is an upgraded 5065 trigger with an axle roller-bearing system as pictured below.

The concept
A match air rifle was needed for all marksmen and all disciplines, something for the entire family. In other words, from
junior to adult marksmen and seniors to bench rest marksmen, EVERYBODY can practice their sport with a SINGLE
air rifle. Regardless of whether the marksman is right-handed or left-handed. It should be of high quality, robust and
able to grow with the shooter, multi-functional and, above all repeatable, precise and have an appealing design.

A new concept was born –
The premium target air rifle model 9015 with ONE-stock was created.

The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. With optimized air pressure control characteristics, a new patented 5065 4K trigger with ball bearings and versatile adjustable trigger blade, a stainless steel barrel unit and the thin, special coated muzzle tube, also made of stainless steel, this barreled action will replace all former ANSCHÜTZ air rifle barreled actions in the future.

  • Maintenance free stabilizer.
  • Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even calmer shot release.
  • Optimized flow behavior.
  • Recoil and vibration free compressed air barreled action.
  • Extremely short lock time.
  • Precisely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearing.
  • Optimized cocking.
  • Special concept for dry firing and safety.
  • Air filter against pollutants.
  • Maintenance-friendly system.
  • Easily exchangeable compressed air cylinder with manometer.
  • Adjustable trigger blade.
  • Cocking lever mountable left and right.

For more information please visit our Anschutz 9015 Product page or Video by selecting the links below.

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