Anschutz Air Rifle Warranty Center

Posted by Joe Hein on Jan 9th 2016


Anschutz Air Rifle Warranty Center

2016 will bring many new additions to Elite Shooting Sports of Montana, but I am staying true to the main goal, which is to provide the very best Air Rifle and Accessory Service available in the U.S.. As part of that plan Elite Shooting Sports of Montana will continue to be The U.S. Warranty Center for all Anschutz Air Rifles.

If you have any issues with your Anschutz Air Rifle, purchased "New" in the last two years, or simply need more information regarding your Anschutz product please contact me:

For Anschutz Warranty information please also reference the Anschutz North America webpage:

Along with providing Anschutz Customers with top notch warranty repairs, I also service the entire line of modern Anschutz and Feinwerkbau Air Rrifles and Accessories. A list of currently supported Air Rifles is listed below, with more to be added this year.

Anschutz 2002 SuperAir

Anschutz 2002 Compressed Air

Anschutz 8001, 8002, 9003 (Series 1 and Series 2)

Feinwerkbau P70, 700 and 800

Walther LG300 and LG400 (coming soon!)

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