Centra Score 22mm "Anschutz"

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Centra Score 22mm "Anschutz"
  • Fits Anschutz Dovetail
  • Adjustable without tools.
  • Crimped clamp-ring for cross-level adjustment.
  • Easy removal of the cross levels.
  • Markers on the canting scale allow quick and precise recovery of settings for different shooting positions.
  • Absolutely symmetrical build ensures clean target image.
  • Further enhanced by a stub between tunnel and dovetail, which may be used for additional canting control.

18mm or 22mm Front Sights are compatible with the same size (18mm or 22mm) Glass Apertures and Adjustable Apertures.

To use Plastic Apertures, an appropriately sized clamping ring must be purchased.

Shown with Clamping Ring and Apertures (Sold Separately).