E-Motion Suit

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E-Motion Suit

The All new Hitex E-Motion Suit, designed with the help of Matt and Katy Emmons is now available. 

Use of Spandex in the Shoulder reduces the amount of material and "buldge" eliminating the issues of grip-to-jacket contact.

Additional Leather Panels on the backside of the underarm area provide a softer transition from the supportive back panels and provide additional range of motion.

The Difference between the "C" & "E" Motion suits is simply the use of Canvas "C" or Evotex "E" Material.

For submitting your own measurements, please follow along with the Hitex Measurement Video and complete the Hitex Suit Builder App.  When you have completed building your new suit, select the option to "Print PDF" at the lower portion of the screen.  Save the file and email it to info@eliteshootingsport.com so I can review the measurements and ensure all information is present prior to placing the order.