Elite LG400

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Special Order
Elite LG400

Weight: 4.87 kg. with Palm rest, Sights, Riser Blocks, 100g. Forend Weight and Steel Air Cylinder (4.56 kg. with Aluminum Air Cylinder)


The Elite LG400 Combines the very best Walther, MEC, Centra and Uptagrafft Components into one platform, assembled and fully backed by the leading Air Rifle Service Center in the U.S., ELITE SHOOTING SPORTS. Pick from Walther’s LG400 with mechanical trigger, or get the ultimate performance by upgrading to the LG400-E, with Electronic Trigger.  Holding the Legendary Walther LG400 barreled action is the MEC Mark I stock, complete with MEC Contact IV Buttplate and Support III Forend Riser.  The Ball-joint mounted grip allows for the perfect grip angle and proper trigger finger alignment. This system is topped off with a Centra 10-50 Rear Sight, and Centra Front Globe, mounted to a set of Uptagrafft Riser Blocks, and balanced with a series of Included weights.  Best of all you have a great package right out of the box, with no need to upgrade. 

MEC Mark I Stock

The frame consists of a highly rigid molding, all the parts have been machined. This guarantees homogeneous vibration and grouping performance. The adjustments are easy and secure, and can mostly be made in position and in a single step.  From the outset, the construction of the MARK I has taken the special requirements of air rifle 3-positions and supported shooting into account. Fore-end, grip variations and the innovations for cheek piece and weight distribution are just a few of the details which make shooting from a tripod rest significantly easier.

The younger three-positions shooters benefit from the flat fore-end with built in handstop rail, which makes sensible positions in the sling disciplines possible. The minimum stock length is very short, which helps the youngest shooters. Between positions, the changeover can be completed in a few moments and with no great difficulty a big relief for over-stressed parents and coaches.

In all versions of the Mark 1 stock, the butt of the rifle can be adjusted on many levels. In every case, this is relatively simple and can be managed from within the shooting position. The requirements of supported (bench-rest) shooters have been especially catered for, for example by allowing the buttplate to be tilted downwards.

These possibilities are complimented by the Contact IV, which are as ever the only buttplates featuring two adjustable flaps which are 'externally' adjustable. In combination with the Mark 1, the individual components from MEC and Centra blend to form a superior overall concept. Consistent quality, sensible and functional details, and regular innovations which immediately transfer the new ideas and trends seen at top level into serial production.

  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel; solid, machined and hardened
  • Exceptionally adjustable from within the position
  • Cheek piece adjustability, also slides back and forth
  • Ball-joint for the grip, adjustable back/forth, up/down and sideways; specially coated non-skid over laminated wood.  Grip Available in Small, Medium and Large
  • Vibration damping between fore-end and buttstock



It took some time until the Contact IV was ready to hit the market. But the waiting was worth it. Here are the details:

  • Height adjustments can be done with millimeter precision while in your shooting position
  • Dual-joint wings, variable in angle and distance
  • Smaller wing areas, movable in height, side and rotatio
  • Secure positioning of all elements by notch system
  • The high-stressed functions and adjustments are manufactuered in stainless steel
  • Hooks for small bore can be accessed easily, high power compatible
  • All screws can be conveniently reached, clear design


For the first time in the history of target rifleconstruction, the supportfeatures a hand-shelfwhich can not only be adjusted forwards,backwards and for height, but also - through the provision of two separate ‘runners’ whichcan each be slide sideways - the width canbe adjusted, even asymmetrically. This permits the adoption of the different types of hand and fist positioning, which are encountered in practice. Anyone who uses their rifle for years and forms a close relation with it over many hours of training and competition, learns tovalue well thought-out elements. New solutions which remove old obstacles, can set astounding improvements in motion andbring enormous increases both in satisfactionand performance.

The individual solution for all rifles and for every shooting position. A mechancial master piece that fascinates and functions everlasting.

The Contact IV: Naturally continues to have nobs made out of natural rubber. But significantly more variable and steady so that it really can be adjusted for every position. We have tested it...

CENTRA 10-50

  • 1 Klick to 10m are 0,25 mm
  • 1 Klick to 50m are 1,22 mm

The Elite LG400 features the Centra 10-50 Rear Sight, which boasts a very low clearance directly over the sight line, making transitions from your outside reference or pre-aiming to placing your head on the stock and beginning the active aiming portion of the shot process.  The Centra 10-50 securely mounts using two 3mm hex-head screws to tighten the robust 11mm dovetail clamp in place.  

Choose from Centra’s 18mm or 22mm Front sight globe, Plastic of Glass Apertures, or adjustable Apertures.  

The Elite LG400 comes with your choice of Uptagrafft Riser Block Heights to accomplish your desired sight height.  Uptagrafft Riser Blocks are solid, one piece risers that are CNC machined from a piece of 6061 T6 Aluminum Bar Stock.  The Non-Adjustable design has been purposefully selected for this gun, due to the many issues associated with adjustable risers coming loose or bending.  These risers are proudly made in the U.S.A. By Eric Uptagrafft, and are exclusively available through Elite Shooting Sports.

Hassle free SCATT mount made by Uptagrafft LLC., stays firmly attached to the barrel, so you can quickly and easily mount your SCATT training system, without the use of the saddle mount.  The Uptagrafft SCATT Mount can be left in place, and its low profile allows for clearance of your Air Cylinder.

As with All Walther LG400 models, the Extension Tube is adjustable to two positions.  From the Factory, the Extension Tube is mounted in the rearward most position, using two set screws or “Fixing Screws” to hold the tube in place.  Quickly and easily adjust the sight radius, or slide the tube forward and move the front sight back to change the balance of the rifle.  

The MEC Contact IV Buttplate is a serious upgrade from other “Factory” Buttplate, even the MEC Contact III available on Walther LG400 Alutec and Anatomic Rifles.  No more do you have to replace or upgrade a Buttplate after purchasing a new rifle; this highly adjustable Buttplate will do everything you need it to.  Not Only is the MEC Contact IV adjustable beyond most other buttplates, its high quality machining and durability will last you a career.  Each of the three Pads of the Buttplate are individually adjustable for height, rotation and cant.  After getting the Buttplate adjusted to roughly the correct position, micro adjustments can be made with the click adjustable dial on top of the Buttplate.  Simply click up or down to change the vertical point of aim and relative location of the Cheek Piece to the head.  

The Length of pull can be made to fit smaller framed shooters, as well as, taller shooters by exchanging the “Link.”  Choose from either the Short or Long Link upon purchase to ensure the length of pull adjustments are in the correct range for you.  The Link can be adjusted laterally 16mm to offset the MEC Contact IV Buttplate, allowing you to tune the backend offset to achieve the proper distance from the cheek piece to your head. 

Up front, the rifle will be firmly planted in your support hand with the MEC Support III.  Additional Spacers for height adjustment ranges are included with the rifle, so no looking around after the sale for an add on.

Balance out the rifle with the included 100g. MEC weight, and Centra 30g. Barrel Extension Weights.  Or if additional weight is needed, Walther Barrel Jacket weights can be mounted between the front barrel mount and the Receiver, allowing you to increase the weight, but maintain similar balance point.  

For Additional Information and to build your order, please check the product page (coming soon).  If you still have questions, feel free to contact Joe Hein: info@eliteshootingsport.com

Walther 2 Year Warranty on all Walther Branded Items. 1 Year Warranty on all other Items.