Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose Elite Shooting Sports over another Service Center?

Elite Shooting Sports began as a Service Center, and remains focused on providing the very best Air Rifle and Air Pistol service in the United States.  While other retailers are adding "Gunsmithing" to the lengthy list of offerings, Air Rifle and Air Pistol Service is the core of my business; it is not an add-on, it is my primary focus and passion.  Many of the best athletes in the country rely on me to keep their rifles functioning at their best, an honor I take very seriously.

How often should I have my Air Rifle Serviced?

Air Rifles have many moving parts and rely heavily on springs and seals to accurately regulate the amount of air discharged on every shot. For this reason, we recommend that Air Rifles are Serviced every two years for club level shooters and annually for National and International level competitors.

Why should I send my Rifle to Elite Shooting Sports for service when I can get it serviced at a match?

Although it is more expensive to ship your Rifle to ESS for service, it is more conducive to a good performance at the competition if you and your equipment are fully prepared prior to arriving. Top-level competitors can perceive a change when the velocity of their rifle is raised or lowered by only 5 m/s. Over time, Firing Pin Springs, Spring Boxes and even the Spring Washers in the Regulators will weaken, lowering the velocity. If a shooter has been training with a velocity of 165 m/s, raising the velocity to the standard 175 m/s the day before a competition can cause problems with the shooter's timing. Often the shooter will think something is wrong with either their technique, or their rifle, creating doubt and undue stress at the competition.

Can I have individual seals replaced, or do I need to buy the entire seal kit?

ESS will replace certain seals on a case by case basis. Breech Seals and Regulator Seals (seal between the regulator and the air cylinder) may be replaced individually. However, we recommend that while the rifle is apart, all internal seals be replaced.

Why did I get a bag of old parts returned with my rifle?

ESS returns broken, damaged or worn parts to our customers so they can see for themselves what was replaced. In the case of warranty work, the customer will be notified and the warranty part will not be returned to the customer.

Do you have this part...?

We have many parts and can often figure out what you are asking for without a part number. However, you can visit the Anschutz website for schematics and parts lists. If the part is still being produced, we can get it! We also have a good stock of discontinued parts that are extremely rare in the US. If you need a part, feel free to email info@eliteshootingsport.com with questions.

Are you certified to work on my equipment?

Yes, in the fall of 2013 I completed the Anschutz Factory Training for Target Air Rifles model: 2002, 8002, 9003, Smallbore Target and Hunting Rifles and the 1827F Biathlon Rifle.  I also completed the Feinwerkbau training for Air Rifles at the same time.  In the Spring of 2016 I completed the Walther Air Rifle and Air Pistol Training at the Walther Factory. I work on some of the Top guns in the U.S. Including that of USA Shooting National Team, PARA and NCAA Competitors.  Prior to being certified, I was a world level competitor, Soldier at the USAMU, Resident Athlete, and Previously worked as a gunsmith/ machinist for Neal Johnson’s Gunsmithing Inc.  Not only am I “Certified,” my diverse background and proven track record for performance as an athlete and gunsmith means your equipment is in good hands.