IFM Scope Rings

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IFM Scope Rings

Designed by 2012 Olympian and Olympic Shooting athlete Nick Mowrer.

Made in the USA with Ergonomics and Precision in mind, IFM has produced these game changing scope rings. These rings are precision machined from 6061 series alloy aluminum to a strict tolerance of 0.0005″. The 6061 alloy makes for an extremely strong and very light set of rings which weigh in at only 3.7 ounces. Mil Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized coating makes this set of rings nearly indestructible. Built to have a very low profile and to not get in the way of your line of sight when looking at the elevation and windage turrets or other accessories, the IFM design is sleek and sexy. Spiralock Stainless Steel thread inserts come installed. These thread inserts make the use of Loctite extinct. The Spiralock thread geometry guarantees that the fastener will never come out of torque. Made to clap on to any Picatinny spec rail, these rings will serve your marksmanship abilities to the max on most platforms such as AR-15 uppers and Long range tactical and hunting rifles.

Engineering aspects:

  • Unilateral clamping force securely attaches the base of the ring to any Picatinny rail. Using a geometric shape like a puzzle piece, the base screw pulls in a linear direction of pull on the clamping block which is retained in the side of the ring. Relying on that shape, there is a highly reduced amount of stress being applied to the base screw. This means that screw will never snap unless very excessively over torqued.
  • Spiralock Stainless Steel thread inserts means that the screws are engaging stainless steel threads and not aluminum. This way you will never experience the threads of IFM rings stripping out. Spiralock inserts also incorporates a proprietary 30 degree wedge ramp that grips the threads of the screw harder and harder the more it is torqued. This provides a self locking type of effect which ultimately means that the need for Loctite is no longer needed in order to keep your screws where they belong; tight and torqued.
  • The Clam Shell type operation of these rings is important for multiple reasons;
    • First off is the user friendly aspect. Never again will you need to take you rifle to a “Professional” to mount your optic. These rings have one screw per ring which clamps your optic in place. Therefore there is no need of a torqueing pattern and now way to wrongfully torque the ring fasteners which could result in permanent damage of your optic. Just open the clam shell, lay optic in the desired direction and orientation, shut the clam shell and start the screws into the Spiralock threads. From there just torque to 50 inch pounds and your set to start zeroing.
    • Secondly, the clapping force and large surface area present in this clam shell design guarantees that your optic is not moving no matter the recoil. Even the best optics will break long before these rings fail to hold zero. This large amount of surface area will also not damage your optic if the torque is held to the standard 50 inch lbs.
    • Thirdly, the design makes it impossible for one side of the ring to clamp unevenly like most split body type of rings. In a split body type of ring where the halves are not exactly tightened together in relationship to each half, the side that is tightened more will cause misalignment in those halves resulting in excess stress on the screws which could cause them to shear or worse yet, that uneven side digging into and damaging the scope body. The IFM rings design gets rid of this uneven contact and pressure to the scope body all together.
    • Lastly, this design is a reduction of parts when compared to others on the market. Three main parts and five pieces of hardware mean that there is little to nothing that will break, fail or let you down in the field. Each set of rings come with a IFM guarantee that should anything with our product break then we will replace or refund your rings at no cost to you.


  • Olympic Level Shooting Inspired
  • CNC machined
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • No Lapping required
  • Ultra low profile
  • Mil Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Light weight @ 3.7 oz per set
  • Made for Picatinny type rails
  • All fasting screws take 5/32 or 4mm Hex or Allen wrenches.
  • Stainless Steel hardware throughout for corrosion resistance
  • Low height 0.94″ from top of rail to center of optic
  • Medium height is 1.1″ from top of rail to center of optic
  • Spiralock Stainless Steel thread inserts
  • 10-32 screws are used for maximum strength
  • Proudly Made in the USA