Lilja Drop-in Anschutz 2007/ 2013 Barrel

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Lilja Drop-in Anschutz 2007/ 2013 Barrel

Length: 21" or 27"

Chamber: EPS

Contour: Straight .900"

Crown: 11 degree

Twist: 16”

Material: 416 Stainless Steel

Barrels are completely finished and ready for Installation. 

Use of a headspace gauge (sold separately) is necessary for proper installation. 

Barrels are NOT dovetailed for a front sight.

Barrels are cut with a Cone Breech.

For mounting sights on these Drop-in barrels, it is recommended to use an Uptagrafft LLC. Extension Tube or Tuner Tube.  When ordering an Uptagrafft LLC. Product, please specify the barrel Diameter of .900"