Joe Hein, owner of Elite Shooting Sports of Montana, is Factory Certified by Anschutz, Walther and Feinwerkbau, and has been servicing Air Rifles and Pistols for USA Shooting National Team Members and top NCAA Teams since 2014.  Attention to detail, and unmatched determination to resolve problems, helps Joe Identify and correct shortcomings with your equipment; no matter how small or insignificant the problem seems to be, when combined with other small problems they add up to be big problems, resulting in performance loss.  Along with having your equipment back in top notch condition, you can expect to gain useful knowledge about how to prevent future damage or maintain your equipment moving forward.

Please see the list of currently supported products below.  Elite Shooting Sports maintians parts for Anschutz, Walther  and Feinwerkbau Air Rifles, and Anschutz Smallbore Rifles and Walther Air Pistols.  Due to the uniqueness of each service, please utilize the "Details" portion of the form below to tell me about your service needs.  If you don’t know what to call a certain part, please use the Manufacturer’s Exploded Views Links below to identify parts.

Once a Rifle or Pistol enters my shop it will receive what I call a "Cleaning/ Inspection" to assess what work is required to return it to proper working order, if any additional service is required.  During this process, I gather information such as: Average Velocity, Cleanliness and visibly broken or worn parts.

Upon completion of the service, customers will receive an emailed Invoice, which documents the repairs and Itemizes the parts and service charges.  The emailed invoice can be paid utilizing the "pay invoice" tab, or by sending a check by mail.

Along with performing service, I also have an inventory of hard to find and discontinued Anschutz parts.

Current Air Rifles Supported 

Anschutz: 2002 Compressed Air, 8001, 8002 and 9003 (Series 1 and 2) & 9015 ANSCHUTZ Exploded Views

Feinwerkbau:  P70, 700 and 800(X) FEINWERKBAU Exploded Views

Walther: LG300 and LG400 & LG400-E WALTHER Exploded Views

Current Air Pistols Supported

Walther: LP300 and LP400

Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Thank you for Choosing Elite Shooting Sports of Montana!