Uptagrafft LLC.



Uptagrafft LLC. and Elite Shooting Sports of Montana have teamed up to provide North America the best Tuners and Extension Tubes on the Market today.  Due to the many barrel diameters, and the precision design of the Uptagrafft Tuners and Extension Tubes, we are taking orders via the contact form below.  Please fill in the required fields and include the order specifications in the "Details" section of the form, as listed below.  Once you have submitted your request, you will be contacted to inform you of the availability of the product, and or the expected delivery date for items not in stock.   

  • Tuner: $225.00 (complete with Collar and Alignment Piece)
  • Extension Tube: $150.00 (complete with Collar and Alignment Piece)
  • Walther Sight Band: $25.00 (with the purchase of extension tube/ tuner)
  • 2 oz. weight, Steel: $20.00 
  • 1 oz. weight, Aluminum: $15.00
  • Additional $25.00 for 15" Tuners and Extension Tubes


1.  Length of Extension Tube/ Tuner: 6", 8", 10" 12" or (15" tubes +$25)

2.  Desired Dovetail: Anschutz, Fienwerkbau or Walther

3.  Barrel Diameter: Please Measure using a quality set of calipers or micrometer.  Measurements must be in the following format: 0.000"  If you have questions in regard to measuring, please make a note below; we are happy to assist.

4.  Additional accessories and or special requests.

Please Note:  The more accurate you are when measuring the barrel diameter, the more precise the Tuner/ Extension Tube will fit.

Thank you for choosing Elite Shooting Sports of Montana and Uptagrafft LLC. Tuners and Extension Tubes!