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Elite Shooting Sports Gun Service Subscriptions

All pricing is per gun. These services do not include the price of lost, broken, and replaced parts or the cost of shipping. This will all be included in the final invoice.  

Gun Service Pro 

  • $365 Per Year

  • Includes 

    • One Full Gun Service (One Per Billing Year) 

    • On-Call Gunsmith for Service Questions (Within Business Hours)

    • Priority Emergency Service in the Event of Gun Failure During Match


Gun Service Elite 

  • $500 Per Year

  • Includes

    • All Previous Benefits

    • Priority Access to Repairs and Services at Matches


Gun Service Solutions 

  • $1000 Per Year

  • Includes

    • All Previous Benefits

    • Action Swap Back-Up Service

    • Cleaning Fee Waived


Action Swap Back-Up Service

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a lot-matched backup action to exchange with any broken action. In the event of an action failure, we will swap out the action at no additional charge. This allows the athlete to continue with the competition with peace of mind the action is ready just for you. We will then repair the broken action and will exchange the actions at a later time. The goal of this service plan will allow for our traveling Gunsmith Team to provide more support at major matches, and provide a sense of surety at matches. 


Cleaning Fee

In the case that a firearm is excessively dirty and needs more time to be cleaned, there will be a Cleaning Fee applied. To best avoid this fee, we encourage regular yearly gun servicing and following our recommended cleaning.


One Time Gun Service

  • $150 (not including the cost of shipping)


Please inquire below for more information about our gun smithing services and subscription plans.