Warranty Services

Elite Shooting Sports no longer provides Warranty Service for those guns purchased from other dealers or from outside the U.S. Dealer network (often referred to as "grey market guns").  

Elite Shooting Sports stands behind every sale and will work diligently to rectify any manufacturer or material failures within the respective Manufacturer's Warranty Period. Rest assured, with every rifle purchase from Elite Shooting Sports, you are getting the BEST service, before, during and after the sale.  You will NOT be dealing with "someone who answers the phone," you will be dealing directly with me, Joe Hein.  My Name is on every Service and Sale, so if you have issues, I'll make sure they get resolved.

Please note; the typical Warranty period for Air Rifles is Two (2) years from the date of purchase.  Proof of purchase is required, in the form of receipt and or Invoice with claimants name and product information clearly listed.  I can also verify customer and sale date internally.


Customers are responsible for shipping costs.  Elite Shooting Sports will provide guidance on how to properly package and ship your rifle or pistol for Warranty.  Doing so will ensure your shipping costs are reduced, and no damage is incurred in the process.

For additional information regarding Manufacturer Warranty Policies, please visit their respective site.

J.G. Anschutz

Carl Walther