Kurt Thune Custom Clothing

Posted by Joe Hein on Sep 4th 2017

Kurt Thune is a very well known name in the International Shooting Sports World, and for good reason.  Thune has been leading the way for years with high quality products and materials, as well as, amazing fit and function.  This fall Elite Shooting Sports is happy to be teaming up with Kurt Thune to offer our customers another great option for custom shooting clothing.  

As many of our customers know, Elite Shooting Sports is located in Stevenville, Montana, which for some makes it hard to get measured.  To make it easier, Kurt Thune has an Instructional Video which guides you through the process of measuring.  While it seems a bit overwhelming at first, measuring a shooter is rather straight forward, so long as you have the patience and are attentive to the details.

If you don't feel comfortable doing the measurements yourself, you still have two options for getting measured.  First, if you live close to or visit the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, you can coordinate ahead of time to be measured by Rachel Martin, one of Elite Shooting Sports' Custom Clothing Sales Reps and sponsored shooter.  Your Second option is to meet me at either Winter Airgun (WAG) or Junior Olympics (JO's) and have me personally do the measurements.  Which ever option you choose, you will be satisfied with the service, and the product you receive.

Additional Information will be posted as soon as possible; in the meantime, please check out the Kurt Thune product line.