Universal Concept Stock "Barrel Mounted" Right-Hand

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Product Overview

The Universal Concept Stock, unlike conventional stocks, offers two assemble options; either by the classic fixing of the action to the stock with bedding bolts, or by securing the action via the barrel itself.  In the barrel mounted configuration, two bedding blocks hold the barreled action in place.  The desired torque setting is achieved by means of threaded rings which tighten O-rings around the barrel.

Precision Manufacturing:

Entirely machined on a computerized machining center from superior grade aluminum alloy, the Universal Concept has been designed to give shooters an extra edge.


Considerable reduction in vibration felt by the shooter.

Recoil is softer, thus making it easier to control the shot as it is released.

Elimination of problems associated with different rates of thermal expansion.

Possibility of fixing actions of different manufacturers into the same stock.


Far removed from the commercial realities which often dictate the parameters and even material selection for many mass produced stocks, the elegant and "No-compromise" design of the Universal Concept reflects our relentless quest for optimal performance.

The cleverly designed "fork shaped" rear part of the stock leads to excellent "feedback" for the shooter.  It results in a remarkably pure feel to the shot during the firing process, as the energy is transferred cleanly and consistently back through the stock to the shooter along this axis.

With unparalleled ergonomics, the infinitely adjustable Universal Concept means that it sits perfectly with shooters of all shapes and sizes, and of all levels; from junior through to the experienced International competitor.

Weight: 2.02 kg.

Items Included:

Universal Concept Stock w/ Multi Adjustable Grip

Cheek Piece w/ Carrier

Complete Short Rack (Buttplate Carrier)

Barrel Clamping Blocks (Qty. 2)

O-Rings for Clamping Blocks

Key for tightening the Clamping rings

Mounting Hardware

Available Accessories: *Sold Separately*

Palm Rest: ESC.AR0027

Insert Walther KK200/300/500: ESC.AR0028

Key: ESC.AR0017

Complete Short Rack (Buttplate Carrier): ESC.AR003

 ***Shown with Double Rear Clamp***