Uptagrafft Extension Tube Walther

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Uptagrafft Extension Tube Walther

Uptagrafft LLC sight extension tubes are made from 6061 aluminum and custom CNC machined to fit your rifle barrel.  The length of sight extension on our plain tubes ranges from 6" to 12" and is measured from the muzzle.  The dovetail is cut nearly full length and can be made to fit Anschutz, FWB, or Walther sights and accessories.  Uptagrafft tubes are anodized satin black.

To order one of our tubes, you'll need to decide which dovetail you want and take a precise measurement of your rifle's muzzle to the third decimal place.  At this time we are not boring collars for tapered muzzles, only straight profiles.

Example: Your rifle may have a muzzle OD of 0.905". 

The collar has a very small margin of room to clamp down on the barrel, and the more accurately you can measure this, the better the collar will fit.  Use a micrometer or caliper.  A ruler isn’t close enough.  If you are not sure what the diameter is, don't guess.  Have it accurately measured in a couple of places along the area where the clamp will be, and at different orientations around the barrel.  The length of barrel that the tube and alignment piece will clamp onto is slightly more than 1.75” long.  Please record the largest diameter in the tube clamp area.  On a couple of factory barrels we’ve measured, there is as much as .005” difference in diameter in that 1.75” long area, and also as much as .002” out of round (oval shaped cross section) at the muzzle.

We are currently not making collars for barrels larger than 1.025” or smaller than 0.800" in diameter.

Since we custom machine the clamping collar and alignment piece to fit your barrel, please make sure you measure your muzzle correctly.  If your tube doesn't fit because we messed up, we will make it right.  If doesn't fit because you measured your barrel incorrectly, we will make you a new collar and alignment piece for $100.  If you return the pieces that did not fit in like-new condition, we will only charge $25 for the replacement cost.  In other words, if the tube doesn't fit, don't force it.

Standard with your tube order are the custom made collar and alignment piece made to fit your barrel muzzle OD, the tube at the length you request, and soft case to fit your tube.

We try to send parts off to the anodizer once every two months.  After we get our parts back from anodizing there is additional assembly we need to do.  So, depending on when in the anodizing cycle you order, it could take up to 9 weeks for us to ship your bloop tube.  We do maintain an extensive assortment of collar and tube sizes, so check with us if you cannot wait the 9 weeks.  We just might be able to ship the next day.

A 12" bloop tube with .950" collar and alignment piece weighs 10.5 oz (300 grams), 10" tube 9.5 oz (270 grams), 8" tube 8.5 oz (240 grams), and 6" tube 7.5 oz (210 grams).  For barrels smaller than .950" the weight of the complete bloop tube will be slightly more.  For barrels larger than .950" the weight will be slightly less.