Damage Caused by CBI's

Posted by Joe Hein on Aug 6th 2019

Over the past year, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in damage to air rifles, which is directly related to the use of Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI’s) or Clear Bore Indicators (CBI’s)…  The damag … read more

How to ship an Air Rifle

Posted by Joe Hein on Jan 5th 2019

If you’re feeling of uncertain, or have reservations about shipping your rifle to Montana forservice, you’re not alone. However, the process is quite easy, safe, and not nearly as expensive as on … read more

Winter Airgun 2017

Posted by Joe Hein on Nov 16th 2017

Winter Airgun (WAG) has proven to be the biggest Airgun Match of the year for U.S. Shooters both in number of competitors and scores fired.Still, the questions for many remains, how do I prepare fo … read more

Returning from a break

Posted by Joe Hein on Oct 3rd 2017

This year I returned to Competitive shooting after a break to focus on my business and getting my family settled in Montana.  The break was good, and well deserved, but something brought me back … read more

Kurt Thune Custom Clothing

Posted by Joe Hein on Sep 4th 2017

Kurt Thune is a very well known name in the International Shooting Sports World, and for good reason.  Thune has been leading the way for years with high quality products and materials, as well a … read more